Nav Imperial Hospital : Focuses on Providing World Class Services

Jaipur. Nav Imperial Hospital and Research Centre is one of the leading multi-specialty Hospitals in Jaipur, headed by Dr. Sachin Gupta (Orthopedic and Joint replacement) & Dr. Mahesh Jangir (Laparoscopic and General Surgeon).

Hospital focuses on providing World Class Services with modern amenities and infrastructure. They have 24/7 availability of anesthesia, ambulances, hygienic ICU, clean private wards, doctors, and nurses who provide timely personalized services.

The Hospital render our best health care services in all types of ailments including orthopedic trauma, arthritis, spinal cord injury, sports injury, back pain, breast cancer, gallstone, bowel diseases, piles, hernia, etc. Nav Imperial Hospital, a leading private hospital in Jaipur believes in the popular saying prevention is better than cure, therefore they provide their patients with the best technologies including advanced laparoscopic surgery that helps in painless surgeries.

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Nav Imperial Hospital

Kawatiya Circle, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

Phone : 9549006777

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