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Pinkcity Pride

PINKCITY PRIDE honour is the recognition of exemplary work and achievements of Firms, Organizations, Institutions & Individuals in various segments like Health, Education, Fashion, Beauty, Fitness & Wellness, Real Estate, Food & Dining, Entertainment, Sports, Social Services, Media etc.  

Brand Ambassador of Pinkcity

We will be creating groups of successful individuals and organisations as the brand ambassador of Pinkcity.
Pinkcity Pride

Selection Criteria

Role of the person or institution/organisation. Exemplary achievements and contribution in specific sector/segment. Encouragement for new Entrepreneurship and up – liftment of Young & Women Entrepreneurs and Startups. 

Pride of Pinkcity

PinkcityPride.com has initiated “PINKCITY PRIDE” honour to promote entrepreneurs, individuals and organisations from Jaipur, who have been contributing for city growth.