Oswal Soap Group : Largest Manufacturers of the daily-use Commodities

With over 65 years of experience and more than 150 million satisfied customers, Oswal Soap Group became one of the largest manufacturers of the daily-use commodities. We have a network of over 1000 distributors, 2.5 lacs wholesale retailers and 800+ employees, who are working hard to provide superior quality products to the consumers. They use the right pieces of machinery with advanced technology to create high-end quality products at affordable prices. They value demand and supply chain, and hence produce the right quantity of products to meet with the needs of the consumers. The primary objective of organization is to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices in a safe and hygenic environment. In order to extend outreach to the customers, they are continuously developing infrastructure with well-equipped machines and facilities for employees. R&D is an essential part of Oswal Soap Group as it leads to product innovation and development. They invest in technology to enhance capability and transform them into new products. A team of highly trained professionals is constantly working towards the innovation of new products & the development of the existing product line. Their products comply with all the high standards followed by global competitors, per as, quality, usage and effectiveness. They are constantly innovating their products to meet the current trends of the market.